one toddler wears me out now, but at 66…

You read that correctly. Sixty-six. A British woman is expecting to deliver her child within the next few months, shortly before her 67th birthday. Sure, it’s not like she’s 70 and having twins, but still. What? Why? How? I’m not saying that older parents can’t parent or that she doesn’t deserve to be a mother. I certainly understand the longing to be a mom, but, well, just… uh… wow. In the end it is none of my business, and yet I am curious about the whole situation. In a world where a woman over 35 is considered “old” in terms of childbirth, it seems that over 60 would be ancient. And if 35 is high risk, what of 66? I wish her and her child all the best. Even if IVF to conceive at 66 seems irresponsible to me, it isn’t my call to make. The only thing I know for certain is that she better stock up on red bull now. She’ll need all the energy she can get.


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