quiet doesn’t always mean he’s sleeping…

Today the wee man got sent home after a vomit incident at school. Yes, we are going to the doctor. No, I don’t think he’s really sick. He has terrible reflux and the school has a no puke policy, regardless of the cause. Plus, with all this H1N1 mess they are requiring a doctors note to come back to school, so off we go to what I’m sure will be a waiting room with wall to wall people.

I picked him up from school during naptime and informed him that we would be going home to do the same. He put up a valiant protest, but after about 30 minutes of making noise in his room everything was quiet. Assuming he was sleeping I let him be for about half an hour more. I had to walk past his room and decided to check in on him. This is what I found when I opened the door:

Thrilled with his progress, he grabbed my hand and showed me how you could throw the powder into the air. Try to forgive the terrible image quality. I did what I could with the phone, ok?

Look at his nose… it’s all crusted over with white. Nice.

In all seriousness there is close to a quarter inch of baby powder on a huge section of the bed and carpet. Poor Tyronne looks like he’s been on a bad coke bender and I have no idea how to clean him without getting him all wet or tossing him into the washer.


Oh yeah. This is gonna be fun to clean up. So much so that I am avoiding the inevitable in order to blog about it. Ha! I am the queen of procrastination.




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4 responses to “quiet doesn’t always mean he’s sleeping…

  1. Julie

    Hee Hee!!! I feel your pain. Bennett gets into everything these days.

  2. Heather M.

    HeHeHe! I saw it on FB & sorry, but I died laughing!!!

    Hey, I am looking for someone to make some books for me off of my blog. Nadra said you may be interested. Can you email me?

    THANKS! Heather M.

  3. Oh my, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

  4. Oh that is such a hoot – truly, and I already understand a little of that feeling. And the new post photo is cracking me up too!

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