goodies for girlies

Let’s face it, I rarely have an opportunity to shop for baby girls. So, when a couple of my pals announced that they would soon be welcoming a few little girlies home, well, I had to do some shopping.

Behold, an Ethiopia flag bow from Holly’s Kick Ass Bows. They have Vietnam bows, China bows, Korea bows, US Bows, and many more. Check it out!

I also purchased a few of the Itsy Bitsy Baby Bows. They are adorable. And for about $2.00 for a baby bow, they are also a bargain! Holly was awesome to work with and even did a custom Razorback bow for me.


Love her! Now, if Bex would just grow some hair… Kidding. Only kidding.

Now that the hair is done, let’s talk shoes. People, I found the world’s most adorable baby shoes at the Mia Joie shop on Etsy. I am in love. IN. LOVE. And wondering if I could talk them into making a few pairs in my size…

Thus ends my shopping spree. Go forth and spend money my peeps, ’cause, you know, the country needs you to be a good consumer and bolster the economy, or something like that.  : )



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3 responses to “goodies for girlies

  1. Kelly

    Thanks sooo much for the Vietnam bow. We love it and got compliments on it Saturday. It’s adorable. If only Vietnam’s flag was pink, we could wear it much more often. I think the shoes are awesome, too.

  2. jen

    Cutest shoes EVER. If I never have a little girl…I might buy a doll just to own the shoes.

  3. Those really are the cutest shoes in the world! Where were they when Sarah was a baby??

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