I’ll admit it. I am patently opposed to fake cheese items. I’m not into cheese crackers or things that are cheezy. The appeal of goldfish boggles my mind, and you will basically never see a cheese nip pass my lips. Blech. If I want cheese, I eat cheese. Period. The boy, however, takes his “cheese” crackers seriously. Until recently, his hand’s down favorite was a Stauffer’s Cheddar Whale, but he has moved on. Now residing on our kitchen shelves are multiple boxes (because I am afraid to run out, he loves them so) of the new Cheez-it Scrabble Junior Crackers. Dude, they have letters on them! And when my kid eats them he says the letter. As in,  speaks. Which is rare and awesome, and if it takes a cracker to get the dialogue flowing, well, so be it. I’m pretty sure the manufacturer was producing a cleverly cross marketed snack food rather than an unintentional learning tool, but regardless of their intent the result is the same. So, if you need to brush up on your ABCs or have a kiddo who could use a little learning with their snack time, I highly recommend a box (or 10).

And, NO, I was in no way compensated for this post. The only peeps receiving any financial gain are the ones at Sunshine Biscuit company, because I’m pretty sure we will single handedly keep them in the black for the next 15 years or so.



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4 responses to “c.h.e.e.z.i.t.

  1. dania

    These are so going on my grocery list this week! I’m sure Naia who is four and learning all her letters and who absolutely LOVES cheese crackers will love these!

  2. dania

    Okay, so our WM didn’t have these today! I was not happy!

  3. merlisser

    nom nom nom.

    I love silly cheese crackers. I have the big butt to prove it.

  4. Jen

    I have to find these!!

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