not that you asked

…but the house is making serious progress. This weekend’s project: tile in the bathrooms. All three of them. Last weekend: a 14 hour painting palooza. Which brings me to my charming side note regarding my former tenants.

Are you ready for this?

You should probably put down your beverage and take a deep breath.

It appears that at least one of these fine specimens of human kind had a habit of digging for gold and displaying his treasure on the sunroom wall. That’s right folks. Boogers. Lots of ’em. A veritable colony with enough of a population to have probably elected the big one mayor.

Heaven help me.

Two of these morons were in med school. Med School! I’m hoping it was some kind of “research” and not just a terrible hobby. Ugh.

So, still commuting to Tulsa regularly. Hoping to have the house fully renovated and on the market by April 1. I’m thinking that would be a pretty awesome birthday gift to myself. Of course, a contract would be better… Anyway, until then the blog will remain neglected, but I will return. Consider yourself warned.



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2 responses to “not that you asked

  1. Heather M.

    EWWWW!! GROSS TO THE MAX DUDE! That is just Naaaasty! I hope all of your work reaps great returns!

    Heather M.

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