excessive absences

Yes, I am still (theoretically) blogging. No, I have not forgotten the password.

Unfortunately, our lives have been consumed by other things of late. See, we have a house in Tulsa. It has been rented for the past 6 years. The last tenants were a bunch of drunken pot heads college kids who had no regard for the sapce in which they lived. I’ll just hit a few of the highlights for you… After a massive hail storm that damaged the roof so badly that the leak went through two stories and ruined the flooring on the ground level, it took them two months after the storm to report the leak. Seems they thought it would dry up. During what must have been one hell of a party, they shattered the upstairs bath tub with a bowling ball. They had a dog (that wasn’t approved in the lease) that chewed up walls, doors, and carpet. They broke their lease and their parting gifts to us, in addition to their previous gift of fabulous upkeep, included such awesome things as a refrigerator full of rotting food (no maggots, thank God!), a fry daddy full of rancid oil, and a lovingly used blue bong hookah.*

Tired of renting the albatros, we’ve decided to sell the place. Since mid January, we have been consumed by the Tulsa house, and said consumption shall continue until it is all prettied up again. We hope to have the remodel completed and the pig fully lipsticked by mid March. Wish us luck. Until then it seems that I, like one of my former tenants (at least according to the large pile of notices left in his closet), will continue to be on notice for excessive absences. But I will be back. I promise.

PS… anybody know if a good coat of kilz will take care of the lingering aroma of weed? I swear, it smells like woodstock  in there.

*Despite clearly being a child of the 60’s, my property manager vehemently insisted that the glass pipe device was a hookah and not a bong. She was totally offended when I suggested that it might be the latter, though, according to the wiki, a hookah can be used for cannabis, so I suppose said property manager might technically have been correct. But I prefer to call ’em like I see ’em, and it was not a hookah. Case closed.



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8 responses to “excessive absences

  1. Jenn S-J

    though I of course didn’t have ANY experience with such things …. in college our neighbors had a hookah. We defined it as a *tobacco* smoking device that had several tubes on it so that several people could smoke it at once. It totally looked like what the caterpillar was smoking in Alice in Wonderland. As opposed to your traditional bong that had only one outlet for smoke. I personally thought the hookah looked like a HUGE waste of one’s tobacco product.

  2. Anne

    Oh, I can so feel your pain. We are also rental property owners and let me tell you, a good coat of kilz can truly do wonders. If it can erase 30 years of chain smoking it can erase some weed smell. Good luck!

  3. Anne

    Oh, I can so feel your pain. We are also rental property owners and let me tell you, a good coat of kilz can truly do wonders. If it can erase 30 years of chain smoking it can erase some weed smell. Good luck!

  4. Oh, gag… so sorry. But, um, when were you going to mention you guys were IN TULSA?????

  5. Jenn Haddock

    Did you know you can get a scent put into the paint you’re having mixed? Where was that? Wal-Mart? Home Depot? It’s some packet of “smell” they add. Perhaps they can add it & shake it into your Kilz. Wait, maybe I saw it on HGTV.

  6. o.m.g.!!!

    never a dull moment in your lives. i would have been horrified to step in there.

    p.s. Kilz does wonders at eliminating the funky odors – we have experience. (in finding unfortunately stinky prior tenants, that is) eeekkkk.

  7. Dianna

    At least you’re still on FB… I would miss you horribly otherwise 🙂

    Perhaps you should get the house cleaned up and then keep it for our Tulsa weekend in June – we could have a massive sleepover *lol*

  8. jen

    Maybe you should have a hit off the bong and relax….but seriously! A bowling ball in the bath tub? If it weren’t your house I would laugh.

    Let me know about the Kilz. Some little @##$ers egged my house and I have to get the wall over the garage repainted. Do you think it would work??

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