you need this.

People, I have seen the light and it is called “Yummie Tummie” (not really into the name, but who cares). Imagine a comfortable tank top that makes you look like you dropped 10lbs. It’s not a dream. It is real. Check this out:

Don’t I look awesome??  Ha, I only wish that was me. Seriously though… you guys, this is for real! My fitted tee was loose after I put my tank on under. No bulges. No muffin top. No back fat. Nothing but smoothness. And it was super comfy. I was sold!

They are a little bit pricey ($65-$80 each) but I’m happy to spend a good chunk for a well made bra, and I’m well on my way to considering the Yummie Tummie to be a necessity right up there with a bra and panties. In full disclosure, my Mom bought me my first one today (Thanks, Mom!!) after I balked at the price, but I’m sure I’ll be adding a few more to the wardrobe soon.

I bought a strappy t tank

Contrary to what their website suggests, I cannot imagine wearing said tank alone, but that’s probably because I’m not one to show that much skin unless it is a zillion degrees. Also, I felt like it looked more like a shaping garment than a tank top, but since that was its desired role, I wasn’t concerned.

So, you can get them online or at Dillard’s like I did, or probably at any number of other places. The key is that you just get one. I recommend going someplace to try one one. You’ll be so completely impressed that you’ll consider going back to the dressing room after your purchase and wearing the darn thing home.

And lest you think this is some type of biased opinion, I am in no way affiliated with Yummie Tummie, have no interest in the company, nor am I being compensated for saying nice things about them. This is all from me, ’cause, you know, I might be a little bit smitten.



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3 responses to “you need this.

  1. alese

    You’re welcome! Thanks for telling me about them! I agree that a Yummie Tummie is now an undergarment requirement!

  2. Okay, but CAN YOU BREATHE when you are wearing it? I must know. Seriously. Email me. (I have been thinking of getting one and thinking, no, it will just be painful and I won’t be able to breathe….)

  3. Whoa…need it now. Wish I had known about before Christmas!!!!!

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