best. thing. ever. at least for my mac user friends.

picture-3OK, maybe not THE best thing, but high up on the list.

Bex digs the laptop. Digs it. The problem is that he is prone to deleting things and causing me to cry. Well, no longer. No, ma’am. Now we have AlphaBaby and my days of toddler computer woe are over. You can start the program (or use it as the default screen saver) and when the kidlet beats on the keyboard cool things happen. It draws shapes in various colors, types letters and numbers while either saying the letter/shape/color name or sounding out the letter. It is hella cool. You can even set it up so that the non-alphanumeric keys bring up photos from your iphoto folders. Did I mention that is was AWESOME??

One small caveat. I was only able to download using safari. Firefox didn’t like their download page at all. Just FYI.



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3 responses to “best. thing. ever. at least for my mac user friends.

  1. And if you have a Windows machine get Baby Splat ( and

  2. I made the recipe below for a party last night. Everyone thought they were good. I served them with the cream cheese/hot sauce mixture (I like On the Border).
    I think I will double the red flakes/cay next time. It was not spicy enough for me. Thank you for something new, I had never tried anything like those before!
    Merry Christmas,
    (leaving in less than a week, yeah)

  3. Lee

    sawheet/getting it NOW!

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