ode to the family bathroom

Family restroom, how I love thee. Your presence allows me the ability to use the facilities without forcing an uncooperative toddler to sit on my lap. Your locked door allows the wee one a chance to explore without crawling under any stall doors. Your general cleanliness prevents me from having public restroom hand sanitizer overuse issues. Your low sinks with motion activated faucets ensure adequate entertainment for the dude. You might be, nay, you are absolutely one of the greatest inventions EVER.



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7 responses to “ode to the family bathroom

  1. I remember the first one I encountered several years ago when C. was a wee one–no pun intended. It is truly a wonderful thing!

  2. Dianna

    Ummm…. hmmm… guess I’ve never really thought about toilets as a gift from above. However, I see your point. 🙂

  3. So true… I’ve actually starting boycotting retailers that don’t show bathroom love for the family. Which is most of them, unfortunately…

  4. dania

    love the family restroom!

  5. Kim

    Oh, I LOVE the family restroom! AMEN!

  6. Oh, my, yes. Especially since in a REGULAR bathroom, Loston likes to look under the stall wall and watch the person in the neighboring stall “go”.

  7. Jen

    Here Here! They even work for indoor potty facilities when we travel with Claire. I just pull out the puppy pads and she has a private place to go.

    BTW–Morgan embarassed the heck out of me a few weeks ago by sliding under some unsuspecting lady’s stall door and saying “Hey”.

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