tag. i’m it.

Seems I’ve been tagged. I’m supposed to post the fourth photo from my fourth folder.

This is the one from my 4th folder in iPhoto:


It’s me, my brother, Max, and my Step-Mom, Kathy, at Max’s wedding shower in January 2007. Aren’t we cute?

This is the one from the 4th folder on my hard drive:


Taken by the camera on the laptop as Bex and I played with the Photo Booth program. Based on the blurriness here, I think I need to take a look at that folder and address the auto save features. No sense clogging up the memory with unworthy images.

Now then, who to harass? I am gonna go the real life friend route and ask to see what Lisa, Tricia, Reagan, & Jenn have in their fourth folders.



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2 responses to “tag. i’m it.

  1. This is Heather, an adoptive mom from the Dillon group. We adopted Rocco from Ninh Thuan in March of 07. I’d like to read more of your blog but need your password.


  2. Jen

    ha ha! I love the one of you and Bex! Too cute!

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