since i already have my two front teeth…

I have no clue what I want for Christmas. I’d love to have someone come clean my house on a regular basis, but it is hard to gift wrap a maid and shove said person under the tree, so I’m guessing that I should put something more managably sized on my list. Aside for the previously mentioned unwrappable item, I am stumped.

Help a sister out. What do you want? I need inspiration.



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4 responses to “since i already have my two front teeth…

  1. Dianna

    Well, obviously my Canon Rebel is tops on my list but I don’t think Santa is going to bring it. Santa keeps mumbling something about keeping within reasonable costs, so I’ve got a sinking feeling that the camera ain’t happening. So, I’ve provided some alternate gift ideas like the Flip video camera and a season of one of my fav tv shows on dvd. It’s boring. I really don’t want anything but the camera 🙂

  2. I’d say world peace, but that might get expensive…

    So maybe a gift certificate to a spa?? 🙂

  3. I’m wanting some hip, trendy earrings – maybe silvery ones? When I can’t manage any makeup and my hair is trashed, I always feel better if I can accessorize my ears!

  4. cuisinart griddler/panini press thing?

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