thanks & giving.

I have plenty to be thankful for. Just take a look at any of the photos around here and that point becomes abundantly clear. Look a little closer at those photos, however, and you’ll see a little something just below my chin (no, not the other chin!!). That something is the scar from three rounds of open heart surgery. Heart surgeries made possible by artificial heart valves, one of which was from St. Jude. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I encourage you to take a look at their Thanks & Giving website. Like all research hospitals, they do good things, but in the case of St. Jude, they made the valve that allows me to type this today, so I find them worthy of just a little extra thanks.

Now that you’ve done that, go have another slice of… something! It is national eat-until-your-pants-lose-all-structural-integrity day. So celebrate! And at the very least, if nothing else comes to mind, you can be thankful for pie!




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2 responses to “thanks & giving.

  1. Erin

    Very cool. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. alese

    I, personally, am very thankful to the nice people at St. Judes and for the docs at Childrens who know what to do with the hardware that St. Judes makes. AND I am thankful that you inherited your great-grandmothers talent with baked goods!!! And, then there is that cute little dude . . . . .

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