weight loss wednesday

Lets be honest here. I’ve never been thin, but up until last week (on the same trip as the awesome father comment) nobody had ever accused me of being preggers. That’s right. A former coworker of the husband’s ran into us at the store, walked up to me with her hand on her belly and said “Oh!!!” in an expectant, congratulatory tone. It took me a minute to process the implication, but as soon as my brain cells geared up I replied, “Oh my God. No. No!!”. She was horrified and so was I.

Since it is clear that something must be done, and fast, I’m glomming on to Laurie’s new Wednesday ritual. Maybe I’ll put something in the side bar so you can support us as we progress, ’cause, as you know, I am not pregnant. Sure, I am with child, but only in the since that my toddler accompanied me to the store. Oh. My. God.



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3 responses to “weight loss wednesday

  1. Erin

    It’s a new year and a great time to get healthy! I’m right there with ya, girl. I got this thing called the bodybugg and it has definitely opened my eyes to exactly WHY I have packed the pounds on. Basic science. I eat too much and I sit too much. lol Was really hoping to blame my thyroid…

  2. I learned a while ago to not ask if a woman is pregnant unless you SEE THE BABY EXITING BETWEEN HER LEGS. If it makes you feel any better, the person is probably STILL reliving the most awkward moment of her life and has now adopted my motto. (holding head in shame)

  3. Jen

    NEVER EVER EVER ask about pregnancy until the mother herself brings it up. WHEN OH WHEN will women learn???

    I took a pg test at the hospital I worked in one time and a nurse asked me for the results while I was standing in the hospital cafeteria. I could have cheerfully scalded her in the soup of the day.

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