clearly i need an upgrade

Do you ever have one of those days where you pass a mirror and suddenly realize that it isn’t your best day? Maybe the hair just didn’t come together or you completely left off the makeup in favor of letting the skin breathe. Maybe you have a mystery stain on your shirt. There might be an unfortunate pimple on your chin. All in all, you find that you aren’t exacly at your best. And as you pass said mirror and attempt to do something with the medusa-esque snake’s nest that you call hair, you make a comment to the husband that you need a haircut or something because:

ME: Holy Crap. I look rough.

HIM: No, you just look like a Mom.

ME: I’m not sure if that should make me feel better or worse.

Seriously. Moms by definition might be run down, but that doesn’t mean that they all look run down. Do they? I know lots of women with kiddos that always look polished an pulled together. Alas, I’m not one of them. I used to be cute a lot more of the time. Pick a day, take a photo, I wouldn’t have run away. Now, not so much. I will smooth hide from your photographic device. Perhaps I should take a hint from myself. I am a mom and I can be cute.

See? It is totally doable.

Of course, on this day we were on Vacation and I got to dry my hair all the way. Perhaps I need to haul my butt out of bed earlier or something so that I can stop looking so much like “a mom” and resume looking like me. If only I didn’t love sleep so much…



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7 responses to “clearly i need an upgrade

  1. I hear you. And I don’t even have a baby anymore, so, I’m getting enough sleep. But still…it’s sometimes hard to look put together when your kids are exhausting you.

    There’s an interesting post at MamaPop about moms and sexiness (basically about the terms yummy mummy and MIL*)….it’s here

  2. PS – you look adorable in your picture by the way

  3. Awe…I agree you look great!! But I wish for an upgrade most days. Where can I get one you think? Is it something I can get via email?????

  4. Jen

    I am right there with you! Whenever we go out my kids look so cute and coordinated, but not me anymore!

  5. Jen

    yo–I hear you on this one. There are all of these cute and perky coordinated moms in our neighborhood. I’m the one with oatmeal smeared on my butt (don’t ask) and a boogie on my shoulder….what happened? Can’t we enter ourselves for some sort of mom makeover??

  6. Jen

    ps–you are adorable 🙂

  7. Erin

    You look great!! I’m not a polished & put together kind of mom either so you’re in good company. 🙂

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