green dragon

For those of you that don’t know, “green dragon” is the translation of B’s Vietnamese name. Thus, when I see a green dragon it will forever catch my eye. Recently, I somehow stumbled upon a site for an artist named Noelle Dass. She does these fabulously whimsical animal paintings. “Artimals” she calls them. I am in love. The prints are inexpensive and super cute. I’m thinking I may be scoring a few for the boy’s room in the very near future. You should check it out. They are way cool.



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4 responses to “green dragon

  1. Jen

    What a cool thing to have! Morgan’s name means “Peaceful Sky” not quite as cool as green dragon!

  2. Grandnan

    Wouldn’t you know. I painted his dragon bank (which you haven’t seen yet) a lovely shade of purple. I thought his name meant dragon, and did not realize that his name was specifically green dragon. Crap.

  3. I LOVE that! What a perfect kid room or play room decoration!

  4. So cool that you found her! She’s a local artist in Eugene, where we live and sells her stuff in person at the Saturday Market, famous for artist-made stuff. When we adopted Oriana in 2007, we decorated her room with puppies and dogs, and right above her head is a playful dog catching a frisbee. You scored – she is not only a great artist but a great person.

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