crap & not crap

Vicks Soothing Vapors Plug-In Vaporizer & Nightlight is unequivocally not crap. It may be my new best friend. At the very least, it is one of the boy’s besties as it allows him to make it through the night without some kind of snot induced issue. Also, it prevents me from performing middle of the night kleenex attacks on his poor, defenseless nose.

Seriously, when do they learn to blow? OMG!

And why do they scream like they are having some kind of psychotic break when you have a tissue in their general vicinity? Or is that just mine? Hmmmm.

Also, not crap: Johnson & Johnson Vapor Bath. People, dump a little in the tub yourself when you are stuffy. It’s does wonders. I find that if one of us is congested, all of us are congested, so this is a nice perk for the mama during the boy’s bath.

Crap. The substandard doc who we will never see again that gave us instructions to buy a specific cough syrup for the boy and insisted that the dosing info would be on the bottle. After 30 minutes of scouring the isles for a bottle with the appropriate dosage instructions a pharmacist took pity on me and directed me to the plug in vapor thing. Guess what Walgreen’s? For once you and your employees are not crap! The idiot doctor who didn’t remember (or care?) that my child was technically too young to take said meds without special instructions THAT AREN’T ON THE LABEL and told his nurse to tell me that Bex wasn’t old enough for cough syrup when I called back today for clarification, well, he is on my list. You hear that, Dr. Crappy McCrapperson? You, Sir, are on the list!

Point of clarification here: the bad doctor stories are all from one moron in the practice that we frequent. We have extreme confidence with two of them, comfort with three others, and complete contempt for the remaining doofus with a stethascope.



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2 responses to “crap & not crap

  1. I am equally in love with the Vicks waterless vaporizer!

  2. ummm…so inquiring minds need to know who idiot doctor is…at least the inquiring minds who live in Central Arkansas and are afraid idiot doctor is in our same practice…

    And, also not crap is the Triaminic Portable vaporizor fan thingy. I totally love it.

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