dear elmo…

My dearest Elmo,

Though our affair was intense, I fear that I have outgrown you and must move on. Just hearing the opening strains of your theme song is too much to bear and I run to locate the remote so that I can stop the madness. I hope that you and Dorothy find the happiness and friendship you so greatly deserve, but alas, it will not be with me.

If you need to contact me I can be found in my rocking chair cozying up to one of the Little Einsteins. At least they inspire me, Elmo. When I watch their show, I feel alive. The art is fantastic and the music uplifting. It’s all I can do not to dance at the mere mention of their name.  Since I know you will never change, I think it best that I simply move on.

With kindest regards,




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7 responses to “dear elmo…

  1. alese

    The passing one’s first love affair is sooooo sad! Poor Elmo! Left behind by so many . . . .

  2. Dianna

    Anna STILL loves the Little Einsteins, but Phoebe prefers older men… she’s a Handy Manny girl.

  3. Kim

    That is funny! We are about to end our affair too. We kind of hang on, but we have discovered Blue’s Clues and sadly, Elmo is being pushed away.

  4. I’m one of those moms too, although I have succumbed to the Princess Psychosis. It was inevitable. But soda and large amounts of sugar we don’t do. I’ve even instituted “candy night”. Miss E only has candy on Friday nights. French fries and chocolate milk are still part of our reperetoire but only once a week. I know, I’m a facist.

  5. And I responded to the wrong post. So…yeah, deal with it.

  6. Teresa

    Just when I was about to introduce Josie to Elmo…. And Blues Clues ! Guess I’ll fast forward to Little Einsteins !!

  7. Adam still loves Elmo and the Wiggles dearly and is expanding his attention to include Thomas the Tank engine

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