ho ho ho! merry hallo… what?

Oh. My. God.

Only at WalMart would a person see this. In case you can’t quite read the sign it says “biggest halloween on earth”. I can hardly wait to put that sentiment on my holiday cards this year, ’cause nothing says Christmas like a giant Halloween sign. Seriously, what the hell?

Please forgive the crappy photo. I took it on my crappy phone.



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2 responses to “ho ho ho! merry hallo… what?

  1. Dianna

    Ha! That exact same tree was in the exact same spot at our Wal*Mart the day before Halloween. Lord knows I love the holiday but can it please not come so early every year?

  2. I am right there with you. This morning, I turned on my radio, and Wham! was singing “Last Christmas”! What is UP with that? It’s only November 3!

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