Home sweet home…


Ken here. We’ve been home for a day now and are thankful for Beckett, the safe trip, and all the glad tidings from friends, family and blog visitors.

Taking the late transfer out of LAX was absolutely the correct decision. We got some extra sleep and a hot meal despite being awakened at 4:15 with a fire alarm on our hotel floor. False alarm, but we were awake for the duration after that. To top it off, the Radisson staff was largely non-responsive to the alarm. When I called the front desk they seemed unaware that there was even an alarm going off. They offered $20 off our bill to compensate for the lost sleep. Not enough but I was too tired to fight for more.

When we landed…we had quite a crowd of friends and family whooping an hollering. Sweet! Tears all around. Photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/kathyandperry/BeckettSArrival The house was stocked with food and beverage. Super sweet! Then today, unexpectedly…we got a special delivery of groceries and comfort food from the Haddocks. Crazy sweet!

I know this is update is too brief…but I need to sleep too.

The local Fox station was at the airport to capture the return for a feel-good July 4 piece. They did a great job (even mentioning the blog and the Space Invaders during the anchor conversation following the piece). The one big error was getting the birth date wrong. It’s July 12, not 20.

Video can be seen via the link (the title of the post).



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18 responses to “Home sweet home…

  1. Willis

    Cool video. So glad you’re home now with Beckett!

    Heather in SC

  2. Nadra

    So glad you guys are home. Get some rest and enjoy life with a new baby!!

  3. Dan and Elisabeth

    Great video! Welcome home. Let the REAL fun begin!!

  4. Jenn

    Looked at your pictures, and I’m wondering if Beckett was able to get any traction on the carpet in his swank & silky baby suit.

  5. Dawn

    Welcome Home!!!

  6. Julie

    Welcome Home!!!

    That’s a wonderful video. What a way to document his arrival.

  7. The Varns

    CONGRATS!!! I know you have tobe thrilled to be home withy our little guy!

  8. Heather

    Wow – a post already! What a treat! He’s a cutie pie. Get some rest and enjoy.

  9. Paul & Erin

    The video is so cool! What a wonderful homecoming!

  10. Daniel and Jamie

    Congrats on being home with Beckett! The news story was great!

  11. Susie

    What a great video. I’m crying just thinking about Beckett coming home on the 4th of July. I took Hannah to the Vietnam memorial in DC last weekend. Same feelings. What lucky parents we are!!!Susie

  12. rachel

    Welcome home!!! So glad you have made it back safe and sound. I hope you are able to get some sound sleep.

  13. JRT

    Congratulations! Welcome home, and I hope the transition goes smoothly and you get some SLEEP! Thanks for faithfully writing; it’s been great to follow your adventure.

  14. Teresa & Norm

    I absolutely loved the video and I cried like a baby. We are hoping to be bringing Derek home real soon too. What an awesome time and I loved following your blog and will continue. Best wishes!!!

  15. Kerrie and Joey

    What an awesome video for you, your family and friends, and for Beckett…later! 🙂 We are so glad that you are home safe and that your 4th was SPECTACULAR!!! Welcome to the US Beckett!!

  16. Bill, Paula & Will Cook

    Welcome home! Great job with the video – you represented the entire adoption gang so well! Beckett looked like a camera pro! 🙂 Have lots of family fun now and enjoy that pillow!

  17. JON & LEE

    your arrival photos are amazing! definitely a little tear jerker there…you have amazing family and friends, what a wonderful welcome home!!!

  18. Our Family

    Welcome home! I hope to meet Beckett in person soon. I hope you guys are getting some sleep!

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