leavin’ on a jet plane, do know when we’ll be back again

We’re back from the embassy and things very well. We will leave the hotel tomorrow afternoon at 2:30, drive to the Embassy to retrieve the visa, and then head straight to the airport. Woo hoo!

Our flight is scheduled to land in Little Rock at 4:55pm on Wednesday, July 4!

Anyone and everyone who wants to greet us and the little dude at the airport is more than welcome. We can’t wait to introduce Beckett to everyone! As for tonight, we are heading out to do a bit more shopping and plan to meet a few folks for dinner. I’ll try to post again before we leave.



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9 responses to “leavin’ on a jet plane, do know when we’ll be back again

  1. Chuck, Jean Anne and Lucy

    And just in time for the fireworks. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog…and your little dude is adorable.

    Safe travels…

  2. Miss Cleo

    I think you hold the record. This is great news.

  3. Jenn and BJ

    Yeah!! Ya hooo! You’ve done such a wonderful job posting about your travels in Vietnam. Thanks! I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July at home with your hubby & little dude.

  4. Nadra

    Yay!!! The fireworks will be extra special this year!! Safe travels!!!

  5. Julie

    Just in time for the 4th.

    I have so enjoyed your posts and pictures. You have a humorous perspective and I so do appreciate that.

    Safe traveling.

  6. Heather

    YIPPEE!!! We are ready!

  7. Sarah

    So glad to hear you’ll be home so soon! Hope the flights are uneventful (and that you’re sitting together this time).

    The boy’s birthday is the 12th, right? Y’all might even all be acclimated to the same time zone by then. 🙂


  8. Sarah

    How cool! The little dude comes home on the 4th of July! I hope that there’s a big welcoming party for you guys, and that distant fireworks sounds don’t cause too much sensory overload that day.

  9. Jennifer

    What a day to first set foot in America! Wow, that’s fantastic news. Sorry we can’t be there to welcome you home, but we’ll be sure see you soon!

    Here’s to safe and hassle-free travels!

    Jen Boulden

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