Today we took Beckett on his first plane ride. He was a real trooper and decided that playing with the airsick bag was much more fun than playing with his toys.

We’ve posted a bunch of new photos including some highlights from our journey to Hanoi, the group dinner with the Dillon staff, and our amazing hotel in Hanoi.

A small correction form the previous post… we hope to have our embassy appointment on Monday but it isn’t exactly a done deal. I have lots to share, but the awesome pillows in the new digs are calling to me. More tomorrow.



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7 responses to “airsick?

  1. NiteMer

    totally adorable!!!!

  2. Daniel and Jamie

    Love all your pictures! Glad you made it to Hanoi safely. Praying the rest of your trip goes smoothly!

  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful baby! I went to high school with Kim Race and thus found a link to your site on hers. I love reading your are quite clever!
    Amy H.

  4. Jenn

    Hey new family! Rich & I had the night off last night so we headed to Van Lang – all this reading about Vietnam had me craving crispy noodles! They were tasty.

  5. Julie

    The pictures are great!

    Hopefully the new pillows help 🙂

  6. Bryan

    It sounds like your trip has been quite an adventure. I think it has been really cool how you two have been able to share this with everyone. I look forward to meeting young Master Myers upon your return.

  7. Anonymous

    So…we’re babysitting Jack this weekend so his mommy and daddy can have a night off to celebrate their anniversary. He was sitting on my lap and looking at the pics of Beckett with me, and he was just going crazy bouncing up and down. You know he’s thinking–ha HA! Another playmate who won’t grab things away from me like Sophia does!

    I hadn’t had a chance to look at all the pics yet, and I love the ones where Beckett is looking at Ken like, “Whotchu talkin’ ’bout, Daddy?” 😉

    Love, Kat.

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