passport photos and progress

This afternoon we all ventured out with the kidlets to have their passport photos taken. The photo is of me and Leslie with Beckett and Avery. Miss Avery is so tiny and has the cutest hair. The kids were great for their photos… not even a single tear.

Tomorrow at 8 am we will head out for the medical exams. Then at 11:45 we have our interviews with the VN Immigration office. Should make for an interesting day.

Mr. Bex is taking things hard at the moment. It’s clear that his grieving has begin. His congestion is all but gone, though his new teeth continue to be an issue.

Lest you wonder why Erin isn’t in the above photo, she’s still in the province waiting in their G&R.



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8 responses to “passport photos and progress

  1. Heather

    You guys are so cute together!!! Teething is soooo much fun!!! We can have the frozen teething rings ready when you get home : )

  2. Heather

    I don’t think you and Leslie look happy enough in this picture!! 🙂 Sorry to hear Beckett is having a rough go at it right now, but I’m glad that nannies loved him so much. You’re doing great with it. Hope Erin can meet up with you all soon.

  3. Miss Cleo

    I hope he starts feeling better and adjusted. He is so cute!

  4. rachel

    Glad things are moving right along for you. That’s such a cute photo of you, Leslie and babes. 🙂 Sorry to hear about Erin. I don’t really understand what this “new system” is and how it affects G&R’s. I hope she is back in HCMC soon!

  5. Anonymous

    Poor Mr. Beckett! I wish there was some magical way to get across to him that he’s the luckiest little dude in the world right now to have such great parents. And that reminds me of an earlier post in which you commented on the “dads” going out to take care of paperwork…has it sunk in yet that you guys are parents? That was the weirdest thing for us. It’s like–taDA! Instant parenthood! Holy smokes! And, might I say that you are an absolutely adorable mom–you’re always cute, but the joy is just so right there in your face. Leslie, I don’t know you except from the Korea forum, but you also make a great happy mom. 😉 Kat.

  6. Dan and Elisabeth

    You and Leslie look great! I check your blog several times a day! I just love the pictures. By the way, Noah has that outfit that Beckett is wearing. It is just so cute. I hope Erin can catch up wiht you. I too am confused with the “new system”. I hope you are enjoying VN!!

  7. mam

    Hi — I think I saw you and your gang at the hotel today! Are you at the Rex? We’re adopting too, with a different agency…what a funny coincidence! If you want, we’re Melissa and Matthew and now Lucy; Congratulations on your new little one — adorable.


  8. Ly and John

    I just love this photo!!! Your smiles say it all 🙂

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