i hope i don’t jinx myself…

I’m hoping that I don’t tempt fate by saying what I’m about to say, but I think the little dude is doing really well. I’m fully aware that sometime soon he will have a meltdown of near nuclear proportions as the reality of his new environment sets in, but for the moment he seems quite content.

He went to sleep around 8:30 last night and slept until 4:15 this morning (It’s 4:45 am now). He’s had a bottle and is now happily playing on the floor with all of his new toys.

Our day yesterday was a bit different than we had expected. We met in the hotel lobby at 6:30 am and headed to the orphanage. Once there we presented our gifts. About five minutes later they handed us our little dudes, the other couple is also adding a boy to the family, and we then had the heart wrenching experience of watching the nannies say goodbye. It was sweet and horrific all at the same time. Beckett’s main caregiver was clearly grief stricken. She desperately wanted to hold him one last time, but when I offered him to her she knew she would fall completely apart if she took him so she declined. When you think about orphanage care it is easy to assume that is it too regimented and efficient to be loving, but that is not the case at the Vinh Long center. The women who work there are incredibly caring and have unimaginably difficult jobs. They meet these children and care for them with love, all the while knowing that a day will come when they will leave, and in most cases they will never hear from them or see them again. Admirable. So, once the sob fest had subsided, we were told to take the kids and get on the van. Unexpected event, part one. We had assumed that someone from the center would meet us at the G&R with the babies, but they had us take them instead. Woo hoo!

Once at the local Justice Department, we were seated in a room for happy events. When we arrived a gentleman came in a flipped the sign on the wall around. We asked what it said. One side says “adoption ceremony” and the other side says “marriage ceremony”. I don’t know why I thought the G&R process would be swift, but I did. Unexpected event part two… the whole shebang took over 3 hours. Good grief! To be fair, the ceremony itself was closer to thirty minutes, but the rest of the time was spent waiting while they check and rechecked our paperwork. Sure, it was mildly annoying, but we’d rather know that our papers are correct than rush through and have mistakes. The nice thing is that both of the babies did great. They played and napped and didn’t cry or even fuss for the entire 3 and a half hours.

After things were finished and we were declared his legal parents we boarded the van for the three hour drive and headed straight back to HCMC. Beckett was exhausted and slept for over an hour of the trip. Once back at the hotel we continued getting acquainted. The little dude LOVES checking out his reflection in the mirror. He squeals and giggles when he sees himself. So cute. He does a modified army crawl, but with more of a snake like motion. He shakes his feet and rocks back and forth when he is excited. He hasn’t cried much, but he doesn’t like water, and would prefer not to be put in his back unless it is his idea. In my completely unprofessional opinion, I would say he is showing some early attachment signs, which is fantastic. He makes lots of eye contact and he is constantly checking to make sure we are both still around. When Ken left to meet on of the Dillon staffers for a quick meeting last night, Beckett teared up and was sad about Ken leaving the room. When he is upset he is very receptive to comforting, and they fussing usually subsides quickly. All good signs. Here’s hoping the trend continues.

Today is a free day, but we were asked to stay near the hotel just in case we were needed. We plan to go across the street to the Saigon Tax Center’s awesome grocery store (it’s like a mini Wal-mart if you will) and pretty much expect to play with the boy in the room for most of the day.

I’ll leave you with a video of giggling at the baby in the mirror. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear Beckett’s laugh… it is too cute!



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19 responses to “i hope i don’t jinx myself…

  1. Miss Cleo

    What a cute, active, and alert baby. he looks great to me!

  2. Chuck, Jean Anne and Lucy

    Congratulations on the G&R!

    Love seeing Beckett do the “worm” in the last video!

  3. Michelle and Peter

    I love the videos!! Keep em coming cause I can’t get enough. He looks so well adjusted.


  4. katedrew94

    I’m glad that things are going well. Congratulations on having Beckett in your custody. It’s nice to hear how much the caretakers really care for the little ones.

  5. Sarah

    What a happy baby boy! I love the mirrow video. Very cute. Can’t stop grinning. 🙂

  6. twd3lr

    This is great, great, great! Love the videos; glad you guys are having such a wonderful experience. We look forward to introducing Beckett and Kennedy to each other!

    –Tom & Ashley

  7. alese

    OMG OMG OMG . . . what a great giggle! Loved the video . . . I am so glad to have the cam. The story made me cry . . . I feel so sorry for and thankful for his caregiver. Can you keep in touch? Can we send her pictures? Lots of hugs to all three of you! Much love from home!

  8. Susie

    hey jess, love the video of beckett laughing…also loved that pic of him smiling on the floor. sounds like things are moving along and everyone is doing well. I’m so glad..time to do some serious shopping now!!! we’ll continue to pray the adjustment and schedule go well. love reading your updates. thanks, susier

  9. Dan and Elisabeth

    I love the video! The worm is going to be a real crowd pleaser! I am so glad to see you all as a family of three. Have fun in HCMC!

  10. Nadra

    Love the videos!!! He is so cute. The “snake” crawl cracks me up. How cute!!!

    Congratulations to the “little dude” and his happy parents!!

  11. Stacy

    I’m glad things are going well – I think Beckett is very, very glad to finally be with his mom and dad! I love the videos!

  12. Anonymous

    EXCELLENT–been checking all night for updates. The best thing about the mirror video is Ken cracking up at Beckett cracking himself up and then your little giggle at the end…and when he tries to give himself a little baby kiss. Yes, the inchworm crawl is too cute. Sophia’s doing a weird scooch crawl now, so we should have a baby race when you get back. I know what you mean about the orphanage care givers–reminds me that I should really be putting some pics together for Sophia’s foster fam since the one year anniversary is coming up. She was their tenth foster baby, and they had to give it up because it was so hard. Gotta go watch those videos again! Love, Kat, Collin, & Sophia

  13. Jenn

    Can’t wait to show Lukas the videos – he’s really enjoying your blog! We’re still working on saying “Beckett”.

  14. Dianna

    The little dude is just adorable… and obviously very adept at getting where he wants 🙂 Congratulations on your G&R. Can’t wait to hear more!

  15. erinlo

    SO SO precious! Loved the videos- he looks great and I’m so happy for you guys. The worm crawl is hilarious!!! -Erin L.

  16. Heather

    Could he be cuter!? I think he might have a future in break dancing with his awesome worm manuver.

  17. rachel

    He is so precious! Love the worm crawl. Glad things are going well. Although a 3 hour G&R must have been a bit agonizing…ours was only about 45 minutes!

  18. Julie

    He is such a dream. I loved the videos.

    Congrats on the G&R!!!

  19. Anonymous

    Adorable! And it figures, Ken is already trying to steal Beckett’s toys. Lots of love to you all and safe trip back.-joy

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