are you sitting down? you should really sit. trust me.

We have a referral.

Yes, you read that correctly. We have a referral.

I know, I know, WHAT?!?!? It’s a long story, but to summarize, we were open to a baby with a heart problem. This little dude has a very slight, completely correctable issue that should take care of itself by the age of two and if it doesn’t we’ll have an outpatient procedure done to correct it. In any event, the offer was made, and we decided to make this little guy ours. Yes, I know you were expecting a girl. Frankly, so were we, but you know what they say about international adoption… anything can happen, and it’s true. Clearly the praying, dancing, and finger crossing had an effect, because we received our homestudy approval Friday, and the referral on Monday.

He turned five months old yesterday. We expect to travel to meet him and bring him home sometime next summer. Holy crap! Holy crap! This is a bit like finding out you are pregnant as you go into labor. I’ve never done either of those things, but I imagine it would be similar. Fair to say I am freaking out right now, but in a good way.

Anyhow, his name will be Beckett Myers. We’re still deciding on a middle name.

For those of you familiar with the adoption process who are probably wondering how we can have a referral when the dossier isn’t yet complete, it is technically unofficial until dossier approval, but in the eyes of the adoption agency it is a done deal. In fact they said it is so official that we are free to shout the news to the world. Consider it shouted.

Wanna see a photo? Click here. My first name is the password.



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13 responses to “are you sitting down? you should really sit. trust me.

  1. Rachel

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! He is beautiful! I’m so incredibly happy for you! We were also “unofficially” matched with Sera this summer (she was a waiting child) and did the dossier post-referral.

    Oh and I love the name Beckett…it’s fantastic! What wonderful news…I’m so excited, you would think it was my referral! lol

  2. Kelly

    oh my he is one handsome little man! I am so so so FREAKIN HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!!! Congrats “Mom!” And I adore the name…..

  3. Colleen

    THIS IS WONDERFUL! I am so happy for you! I can’t wait to follow your journey! Good Luck Mommy!


  4. Jenn and BJ

    Holy Moly!! i am glad i was sitting down. i can’t believe it! that’s wonderful news! what a way to end 2006, ya know?

    we’re so happy for you two. Many congrats.

  5. Anonymous

    Beckett is beautiful and he is a very lucky little guy to have such wonderful and sometimes strange (that would be my sweet friend Ken) parents.

    Love you guys!


  6. Anonymous

    Wow, what a wonderful Christmas present! Beckett is beautiful and so lucky to have you. I’m so happy for you guys!!


  7. Anonymous

    So, you can’t delete comments huh? LOL

  8. Dan and Elisabeth

    YIPPEE! I am just so excited for you. I wonder if our little guys are friends! Now we can wait together for travel. 🙂

  9. KelleyO

    Congratulations on your referal!!

  10. munkee girl

    That’s okay, Vicki, we all think Ken is weird (in a good way). 😉

    Hurrah for the newest member of the clan! I like the analogy of finding out about being pregnant while going into labor. Here’s praying for a speedy rest of the process so you guys can get Beckett home and everyone can start spoiling him (y’all, grandparents, us, Bondo, well–okay–Basil’s just not gonna care).

    Love y’all!


  11. LaLa

    Congrats..found you by way of Rachel’s blog : ) Since I don’t know your first name I will take everyone’s word for it that he is a handsome boy.

    Annslee’s Mama

  12. Our Family

    Congratulations! Your son looks so peaceful in the picture. Thanks for sharing! I am so happy for you both. Maybe our babies will be friends one day :o)

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